Emergency support function

ESF Teams

With the approval of the Government, this Department prepared a Crisis Management Framework and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for UT of Puducherry. The said framework is designed on the basis of Incident Command System (ICS) under which 16 Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) were identified to carry out response activity either to man-made or natural disasters so as to facilitate the delivery of critical assistance required during their immediate response phase of a disaster/crisis to save lives, protect property and public health and to public safety. The ESFs are performed by various departments and organizations, as detailed below:-

Emergency Support Function (ESF) Team ESF Team Leader Primary Agency

ESF# 1


Police Department

ESF# 2
Emergency Medical Services and Public Health


Health Department

ESF# 3 , 6, 8
Emergency Public Information, Help line, Warning, Evacuation &  Damage Assessment


Revenue & Disaster Management

ESF # 4  & 14
Search & Rescue, fire fighting/hazardous materials response

Divisional Fire Officer

Fire Services

ESF # 5

Transport Commissioner

Transport Department

ESF # 7 & 13
Debris clearance & equipment support. Infrastructure protection and emergency repair

Chief Engineer


ESF # 9
Relief Camps

Director of Women and Child Development

Welfare Department

ESF # 10
Food and Civil Supplies

Civil Supplies

Civil Supplies Department

ESF #11
Water supply and sanitation


Public Works Department

ESF # 12
Electricity restoration

SE-I, Electricity Dept.

Electricity Department

ESF # 15
Law & Order

Superintendent of Police

Police Department

ESF # 16
Resource mobilization; contracting services; volunteer & donation support

Director of Social Welfare

Welfare Department