Excise and Legal Metrology

O/o. the Dy. Collector (Excise) -cum- Dy. Controller (Legal Metrology)

Organisation Setup

Excise Dept

Excise Department Websites

  1. Excise Department website https://exciseportal.py.gov.in/puduvaicalal1

  2. Excise Functions

    1. Licencing of arrack and toddy shops
    2. Licensing and control of distilleries/imfl blending units etc.
    3. IMFL manufacturing units
    4. Breweries
    5. I.M.F.L
    6. Licencing under medicinal & toilet preparation act
    7. Licencing R.S./D.N.S. based units
    8. Molasses
    9. Enforcement wing

    Legal Metrology Functions

    1. Verifying the Weights, Measures and Weighing Instrument
    2. Stamping of Weights, Measures and Weighing Instrument
    3. Registration of packaged commodities under packaged commodities Rules
    4. Inspection of packaged commodities.
    5. Stamping og Auto-rickshaw meters.
    6. Inspection of Petrol Bunks, Factories, etc., whereever Weighs and Measures units are involved
    7. Conduct of Camps for stamping in market, shandies, etc.,
    8. Conduct of Awareness Programme on stamping, Weight and Measures, packages commodities and Consumer rights.