Computerization / Mordenization

Mordenization through information and communication technolofy (ICT)

Nilamagal (Land Records)

The Directorate of Survey, Settlement and Land Records, Puducherry feasilitates the general public to access the Settlement and Chitta register through online web application called 'Nilamagal', the web url is

'Nilamagal' project development and maintenance handled by the National Infromatics Centre (NIC), Puducherry.

The query form of 'Nilamagal' web application required the following inputs

  • Region (i.e. Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam)
  • Taluk
  • Village (i.e. Revenue Village)
  • Land Type (i) Cultivable (or) (ii) Residantial Land
  • Patta No. (or) Re-Survey No. (R.S.No.)

The result given by this web application depends in the last updated land records.

Guidline Register (GLR) value for Puducherry and Karaikal region

The Deputy Collector (Revenue) North, Puducherry release the Guideline Register (GLR) value to the public every year through a web application developed the National Informaticss Centre (NIC), Puducherry. The GLR value is beanchmark value for the land transaction.

The web url is

The query form of GLR web application requires the following inputs

  • Region
  • Sub-Registrar Office
  • Village Name (i.e. Revenue Village)
  • Survey Number (i.e. Re-Survey No. or Town Survey No.)
  • Sub Divisions

Note: Classification of lands given in the query form page for the information to the general public.

Puduvai Sevai (Puduvai e-Services)

The Puducherry e-Governance Society (PeGS), Puducherry initiates the 'Puduvai e-Services' or 'Puduvai Sevai' as common web portal for e-service delivery gateway to citizen through Common Service Centres (CSC).

The e-services rendered by the Survey, Settlement and Land Records, Puducherry like Settlement, Patta (Register of Rights) and Field Measurment Book (FMB) extracts can be obtained from Common Service Centres (CSC) accross the Union Teritorry of Puducherry. The e-services are chargeable as per the orders and notifications issued the Puducherry e-Governance Society (PeGS), Puducherry. for more details refere the Dte. of Information Technology, Puducherry.

Issuing of Certificate/Statement with Digital Signature: The settlement, patta and FMB extracts are the statements issued by the Settlement officer - I with his/her digital signature on it.

Online Certificate/Statement Verification: Once the certificate issued the concerned people can verify the authenticity of the certificate/statement through online verification feature. The web url available in the left-bottom of the 'Puduvai Sevai' web page.

e-Service delivery in the Common Service Centre (CSC): the Common Service Centres (CSC) are the remarkable e-Governance infrastructure, exist accross the Uinion Teritorry of Puducherry. The CSC are the e-service delivery points which serves the the citizen. The certificates/statement are issued in the form e-certificates/e-statements which is digital signed by the competent authority. Each e-services rendered by the Survey, Settlement and Land Records, Puducherry is chargable Rs. 40/- from the citizen.

e-Pathiram (Registration of Documents)

'e-Pathiram' project fesilitates the Registration Deprtment, Puducherry (i.e. especialy the Sub-Registrar Offices) to digitize the document registration in real-time. Once the document registered by the concerned Sub-Registrar, the registered documents are scanned and uploaded in the real-time database with the required traceable transaction details (i.e. Index entry).

The 'e-Pathiram' software development and maintenance carried over by the National Informaticss Centre (NIC), Puducherry. The 'e-Pathiram' software was introduced in the year 2005. Since the date, all the transaction are available in the digital form to the Registration Department, Puducherry.

The National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP) - MMP

The National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP) is launched by Government of India in August 2008, aimed to modernize management of land records, minimize scope of land/property disputes, enhance transparency in the land records maintenance system, and facilitate moving eventually towards guaranteed conclusive titles to immovable properties in the country. The major components of the programme are computerization of all land records including mutations, digitization of maps and integration of textual and spatial data, survey/re-survey and updation of all survey and settlement records including creation of original cadastral records wherever necessary, computerization of registration and its integration with the land records maintenance system, development of core Geospatial Information System (GIS) and capacity building.

The main objective of the NLRMP is to develop a modern, comprehensive and transparent land records management system in the country with the aim to implement the conclusive land-titling system with title guarantee, which will be based on four basic principles, i.e., (i) a single window to handle land records (including the maintenance and updating of textual records, maps, survey and settlement operations and registration of immovable property), (ii) the ―mirror‖ principle, which refers to the fact that cadastral records mirror the ground reality, (iii) the ―curtain‖ principle which indicates that the record of title is a true depiction of the ownership status, mutation is automated and automatic following registration and the reference to past records is not necessary, and (iv) title insurance, which guarantees the title for its correctness and indemnifies the title holder against loss arising on account of any defect therein.